In 1942 US Army Chief of Staff George Marshall advocated a cross channel invasion of France. Would have been a complete disaster and likely resulted in delaying the African campaign into 1943. This in turn might have resulted in delaying the Italian campaign into 1944 and ultimately the D-Day invasion into 1945. The Allies would have won anyway but at greater loss of life and who knows maybe we would have had to drop the A bombs on Germany instead.

Like General Marshall the climate change radicals are insisting on a strategy that in the end will fail as they too are underestimating just how easy the fix really is. Their easy fix of wind and sun may well impose a greater loss of life than World War Two did. Unfortunately these are also the very same folks who believe that we should defund the police and give sixteen year olds the right to vote.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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