So here we go again with Trump attempting to define Kamala Harris as an illegal candidate much like he tried with Obama. The NY Times claims that this is racist and one wonders if the new standard for racism is any white person saying anything remotely negative about a black person. Was George Floyd a victim of racism just because the cop was white or was he the victim of an overly militaristic cop? Stay tuned!

Seems more reasonable to accuse Trump of being anti-illegal immigrant! Speaking of illegal immigrants, now that they all have US driver’s license, what is preventing them from self-certify on line that they are US citizens so they can register and vote for Joe and Kamala by mail? Given 10 million illegals in the USA way more likely that the Demmy’s steal this election then the Russian’s did for Trump in the last one!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!           

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