Black or White

Two sides to every coin! No question that Obama was our greatest black President but he’s also half white and not even close to being our greatest white President. It is interesting to come at an issue from many different perspectives so as to develop the best solution. Bill Gates said that the long term challenge of addressing climate change is that on the one hand you have climate change deniers and on the other climate advocates that believe that there is an easy fix for it.

This November the Climate Change deniers will lose the White House only to be replaced by the easy fix climate advocates (Wind and Solar). Unfortunately if this issue becomes or even appears to become a life and death issue for the planet it could well provoke a World War 3. That might fix the climate problem but only if you are a survivor. Worst case is that the planet doesn’t survive either the war or the climate!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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