Defund the Police

Makes as much sense as giving sixteen year old’s the right to vote and supported by the very same folks too! This is what happens when you raise an entitled generation who really think they are passing Chanel #2. But of course the media on the left is telling you about all the peaceful protesters, some of whom are actually looting Rolex watch stores! Exactly what are the looters protesting about? The $600 bucks a week extra that Nancy wants to give them isn’t enough to legally buy a Rolex? But those of you who are peacefully and legally protesting on behalf of black lives have my thanks and gratitude. In the meantime the murder rates in large US cities are up almost 22% overall given all of this push back against the cops!

Year-to-date change, from 2019 to 2020

City2020 Pre-CovidThrough Parts of June 2020
Oakland, Calif.-41%-8%
Los Angeles-3%5%
New York-13%23%
New Orleans14%36%
Jacksonville, Fla.-3%13%

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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