One Trick Pony

It IS the economy stupid but just not when you are in the middle of the pandemic! Donald was so focused on protecting his one and only accomplishment that he self- inflicted a mortal wound into his re-election campaign. The fact is that had he done the reverse and shutdown the US economy sooner like the Chinese did, perhaps things would have been different!

Now everyone in America is asking who that masked man is and that is way too little way too late to salvage the Donald’s campaign! This stupidity will cost the Republicans the US Senate although in fairness to the Republican’s it was the Democrat Governors in NY, CT and NJ who failed their citizens! But then this is Katrina all over again and it is way better for the left leaning media to blame a Republican president as opposed to a Democrat governor!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!      


Photo by Jan Laugesen on