Waitress Sandwich

A sexual position in which a man sits on a chair while a woman (such as a waitress) sits on top and a second man sits on top of her, as immortalized by U.S. senators Chris Dodd and Ted Kennedy in 1985. The Boston Globe which still loves the Kennedy’s wrote a scathing article on Teddy’s and Chrisy’s sexual harassment behavior. Within the year both Senators were married!

So who does Biden pick to help him with his VP vetting but Chris “low interest rate mortgage” Dodd. Dodd’s father was censured by his own Demmy party when he served in the US Senate! Will voters never learn? But because Biden has sworn off smelling ladies hair we assume his buddy Chris will be doing that for him instead! Old white guys, you gotta love ‘em! Bon Appetit…..

And that is all I’m going to say about that!