Leading from Behind

So George W Bush, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are besides themselves when it comes to Donald J Trump but it was their screw ups that lead directly to his election! Of course these folks want to blame the Russians for all of this instead of themselves. Why do we continue to reward these “lead from behind” career politicians like Clinton, Kerry, McCain, and Biden with Presidential Nominations?

Now after 4 years of Trump we will be electing a lead from behind career driven politician. Ironic given Biden’s decision making to go to war was as good as another career Pol, LBJ. So here we go once again soon to be picking a professional incompetent over a non career politician who is a complete idiot! Can’t wait to see what Biden does or doesn’t do next year in the middle of both a pandemic and a depression. Would be way better if we elected someone who lead from the front instead of from rear! Time to write in ______________________________________________?

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

woman beside donkey taking selfie on grass
Photo by Emmylou on Pexels.com