John Wilkes Booth Won

At the beginning of the US Civil War the North fought to preserve the Union. It would morph into an anti-slavery cause in part to avoid a world war. It was never about equality until Booth’s assassination of Lincoln. Lincoln was the only person who could have kept the radical republicans in check. With his death the abolitionist would impose equality on the south which would only last until the election of Rutherford B Hayes.

Hayes’ election would then usher in the Jim Crow era in the south and another Century of repression by Southern White Democrats on their black citizens. Now because we have a government monopoly on public elementary education and because text books are approved by southern white folks living somewhere in Texas, the history of this country has been portrayed in a biased manner, thereby overlooking the ill treatment of minority groups. The Northern White Republicans May have won the war but Southern White Democrats would win the peace!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

abraham lincolcn statue
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