All Black Lives Matter

Over 50% of all murders in the USA are committed by black people who are only 14% of the US population. These mostly black men commit murders 90% of the time on people who were members of their own race. As for charges of institutional racism why then are Asians and Hispanics doing better than blacks?

There is no question that both slavery and Jim Crow have had a significant, deep rooted negative impact on black Americans which will require huge resources to heal. However it is very difficult to see how throwing dollars in the form of some kind of reparations is an effective way to resolve these longer term challenges. Optimally, America should have met this problem long before allowing millions of illegals into the country. Cie la vie!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

Rank Race Median household income (2018 US$[1])
1 Asian 87,194
2 White 70,642
3 Hispanic or Latino 51,450
4 Black or African American 41,361

Average SAT Math Test Scores By Ethnicity – Right-Mind