King Trump

I agree with General Mattis’ comments that Trump is divisive. However he is not a King and as a result is not the root cause for this division. It is an election year and he is pandering to his base who are white and will vote in the millions for him this Fall. The continuing economic decline of Americans will accelerate and exacerbate the right/left divide in the USA.

Should the Democrats win both the Senate and White House it will definitely accelerate the economic decline of Republican white folks. Biden has stated that he will not increase taxes on incomes under $400000 but he is even more of a career politician than GHW Bush was, who told people to read his lips for what that was worth eventually. The left in reaction to the last 4 years of Trump rule will be to come after a larger percentage of white folks paychecks, assets, and health insurance plans.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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