I Can’t Breathe

Whenever I see these tragic incidents I immediately think of my two beautiful little grandkids and hope that someday America will fix this problem. At the same time I ask myself what problem needs to be fixed. The fact is we have a well armed militia on both sides of the divide acting either in a legal or illegal manner. Regrettably this country has an addiction to solving problems in a violent manner!

As for the cop in Minnesota, was this a purely racist act or symptomatic of how some of our so called protectors, enforce the law. In other words is the fix required just a training or retraining issue? This answer is a very important one for me because I need to know whether I should be worried about two of my beautiful grandkids or perhaps for all four of them!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

man wearing gas mask standing beside store facade
Photo by Oscar Chan on Pexels.com