You Ain’t Black

I walk my beagle on a leash everyday at a local State Park. There are posted signs that require dogs to be on a leash but the majority of folks disobey this requirement. There is a lady who walks her big white dog on a leash and she yells at those who are not following the leash rule. Not the most popular lady there but she is right none the less.

Therefore the Central Park bird watcher had every right to yell at the lady with her dog off the leash. I have no idea if she felt threatened in anyway although it was a very smart move by the bird watcher to video this confrontation. Perhaps had the lady just said that she was being confronted by a man, she might still have her job. Better yet if she had just followed the leash requirement rules, no harm, no foul, no phone call, no African American and no video on Twitter!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

selective focus photo of a short coated white and black puppy sitting on a bench
Photo by Josh Hild on