Your strength can become your weakness

 State and individual sponsored hackers are attacking both personal and business computer systems in an effort to undercut our digital strengths. Recently a Florida city paid a $600,000 ransom in order to retrieve city records. This was on top of $1 million they spent for new computers and hardware! This kind of successful economic assault on our digital technology will impact on our success in this area and could ultimately impact our economy!      

Frankly begs the question why the FEDS would allow Cities or anyone else’s for that matter to pay any kind of ransom, its not like its a life or death situation. In the end all it does is to encourage computernappers to attempt more of these shakedowns! The more success they have the weaker our strength becomes.

And that is all going to say about that! 

man in black and white stripe dress shirt sitting on chair in front of macbook
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