I remember when this pandemic first started that a married bisexual guy went to a NYC bath house where he picked up the AIDS virus. He went home where he passed it on to his wife who in turn passed it on to the next door neighbor, that she was having an affair with! The neighbor in turn then passed it on to his wife. Within 6 months all four were dead. At the time William F Buckley “suggested” that any gay person with the Virus should have it tattooed on their ass.

The current pandemic was apparently started by someone in China eating a bat (no not the baseball kind). Like Buckley, I think any and all bat eaters should be required to be tattooed on their forehead BAT EATER. These folks should then be banned from entering the USA! Unfortunately many are already USA citizens having been born here but taken right back to China shortly after birth.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

grayscale of men
Photo by Vickson Santos on Pexels.com