These tests have been under attack over the last several years. Early on they were a problem for our education professionals as test scores were declining as against previous generation test scores. The teachers union fixed this by having the test scored differently so that no direct comparisons could be made.

Now there is a push to eliminate there use for college admissions. This of course is crazy because everyone in high school gets A’s or is on some form of the honor roll(honors, high honors, highest honors). You get rid of the SAT’s and you lose all ability to separate the wheat from the chaff but then that is exactly the point. This is nothing more than a college for all scam conducted by the Demmy’s who are also pushing for free college as well! More importantly both Black and Hispanic Democrats score lower on the SAT’s than White and Asian’s folks. Lastly it solves the inner City educational SAT disparity which helps the Demmy allied Teacher Unions.

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

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