Professional Politician

So creepy Joe has run for President three times now and finally has a shot at grabbing the brass ring. No surprise here because when he was elected to the US Senate in November of 1972 he chose to serve the people as opposed to his two hospitalized sons who had just lost their mother and sister in December of that same year. Yes, a very harsh assessment but the stark reality for Joe was to either focus on his kids or focus on his career and he chose the later! Clearly was not the best choice for his youngest son, Hunter.

The reality is that Joe is nothing but ambitious and it was that ambition that drove him to make the very same mistake two other very ambitious democrats made. This huge strategic Iraqi War vote blunder would effectively cost both Kerry and Clinton the Presidency. Not only is Joe a pro but he is a way nicer guy than Trump. Unfortunately for America a President Biden will move us closer to last place!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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