Lost a High School classmate to a motorcycle accident. Twenty years later we had a young kid come with his mother into the factory I ran looking for work. He had been in a motorcycle accident and had scrambled his brains. Unfortunately he couldn’t physically do the light assembly work we needed. Fifteen years later we knew someone who knew someone that had purchased a bike. A month later the husband was killed and his wife broke just about every bone in her body. A new driver coming out of a side street pulled out in front of them because he had been blinded by the sun! (Just like what happened to George Clooney)

Driving home on the highway the other day my wife surprised by a speeding bike screamed as it went roaring past us at about 100 mph. The State I live in mandates wearing seatbelts but there are none on motorcycles. My car has to be crash tested for occupancy safety but as far as I know there aren’t required crash tests for bikes. The State used to require helmets but rescinded this law when bikers pushed back. NUTS!!!

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

man with black alpinestar racing suit riding black and red sports bike
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