Medicare for Some

The left in the USA point to the UK National Health System (NHS) as an amazing example of how Healthcare should work in America. The Royals are shown coming out of one but of course they use the  “private” NHS wing which is where the Rich and Royals get their healthcare. Everyone else comes out of the public NHS wing!

In the USA no congressional democrats signed up for Obamacare (not even Barack, Bernie, Biden, or Betsy) and once the democrats eventually take away all our private healthcare plans to fund their misleading Medicare for ALL plan the POLS won’t be on Medicare then either! The rich and influential in the USA will have the same private healthcare that the rich and influential have in the UK. Way better for them then the rest of us! As someone has said if you think healthcare is expensive today wait until it’s free!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!