Popping America’s Cherry

No higher glass ceiling for the ladies than the White House! So glad that Hillary didn’t break threw it but not thrilled with the end result either.

Moving forward the potential 2020 choices are as follow;

Elizabeth Warren-Her former last name was Herring. As she is no longer claiming to be an Indian that makes her a former red herring!

Kamala Harris-She has deferred making any decision on slave reparations. Perhaps because her father is a Jamaican black and that opens a can of worms as to whether he would get reparations.

Tulsi Gabbard-Voted to give the vote to 16 year olds. But hey the lady is young and good looking so she very likely thought she would do well with the 16 year old horny male voter.

Amy Klobuchar-Controls her office with fear, anger and shame and is reported to be one of the worst bosses on the Hill. Good for her we need to kick some butt in DC!

Kirsten Gillibrand-The first in her caucus to ask for Me, Al Franken to resign while stating that Bill Clinton should have resigned over Monica Lewinsky’s handling of the President’s special purpose!

Marianne Williamson-Writer and inspirational speaker.

When the odds are split between two old white guy favorites bet on one of the above lady long shots…ok so not this year!!!!