Imperfect Storm

In 2016 the Republican Party rejected its own career politicians and nominated a non-professional. In 2020 it looks like the Democrats may do the same and nominate a professional independent. The folks on both extremes are rejecting their own career politicians and for good reason. Frankly makes you wonder why anyone pays any attention to either Speaker Pelosi or Senate leader McConnell.

So if the Demmies nominate the bernmiester AND it looks like the Dems might win the both White House and the Senate, while keeping the House, then this would be the only circumstance that would prompt me to vote for Trump. Now for those of you calling for an end to the Electoral College please consider what happened with the 2016 Republican Nomination process and once again with the 2020 Democrat Nomination process. Can you imagine turning our general election process into either one of these?

And that is all I’m going to say about that.

person dropping paper on box
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