Strategic Blunder

General Custer’s aggressive tactics stopped General Lee’s army at Appomattox Courthouse thereby ending the US Civil war. He would employ the same aggressive tactics at Little Big Horn ending with a new hair cut for the ex-general!

IBM’s Watson Junior made the decision to move from mechanical computing to electronic computing although the technology was not invented by IBM. So not a great strategic decision by Junior but rather a very smart tactical one to cover this bet! Future IBM CEO’s would let Bill Gates make the brilliant strategic software move rather than themselves however.

Jack Welch looked to be another brilliant strategic CEO in his effort to move GE into services but 20 years on he is beginning to look to be just another talented and very expensive tactician. When the valley of the blind tactical doers is being disrupted the one eyed strategic thinker is king!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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