Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

Whether it is Bolivia, Venezuela, or Argentina the South American socialists have bankrupted their countries driving their fellow “refugees” to the US border, to get another bite at the socialist apple. Bernie and Betsy are only too happy to accommodate them here! This reminds me of the Mariel boat lift when Castro opened up his jails and looney bins and we took them in also. Not great for the Florida residents who saw murder and robbery rates soar there. Should have sent them all back to good ole Fidel.

But not all immigrants are bad, my own father is a case in point, but guess what they are not all good either as can be seen in some of our sanctuary cities where crime rates are skyrocketing! Not only that but some are bringing measles and other infectious diseases into the country! We need to get control over our border before it kills us either financially or physically or both!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

america map land brazil
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