Shoveling Shit Against The Tide

If you think that Greta Thunberg is angry about climate change wait until till you see how angry she will get when she can’t recharge her cellphone! The greenheads are angry with the lack of political will but the Pols understand that they will pay a much higher price if Greta and her ilk can’t tweet mommy and daddy via mobile phone at the dinner table!

The fact is that when the President of France attempted to implement the Paris Accord the Yellow Jackets ripped the Green Heads a new one. Not only did Macron rescind the tax increase on diesel but he gave the yellow jackets money so they could buy even more diesel! Sorry Greta but you want your cake and have it to by demanding the use of an unproven technology!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

crash foam ocean rocks
Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on