Recently my wife retired after 25 year career working at a private elementary school first as a teacher and then as assistant head of school. She suffered from a severe form of PTSD otherwise known as Parent, Teacher, Student, Disfunction. For very good reasons the Parents are worried sick about their kids future and as a result failure is no longer a teaching option in our schools in-spite of the fact that some of these kids need a swift academic kick in the butt on occasion!

In an effort to win over the teachers union Joe Biden is promising to eliminate Standardize Testing because they are racist and yet Asian Americans outscored White Americans by 100 points in the 2018 SAT’s. In 2015 Global Testing American Students were only 15th in Reading, 37th in Math and 19th in Science in the world! Not Great….

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

woman illustrating albert einstein formula
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