Till death do us part

Never understood why people spend thousands of dollars on funerals. My oldest brother spent big bucks planting himself above ground and in doors! In the end most of these ex-folks are going to end up like Richard the Third, underneath a paved over parking lot.

Recently the local Catholic Church raided their cemetery funds that they hold for in perpetuity care of the graves in their cemeteries. They did this so that they could payoff lawsuits caused by molesting Priests. Frankly unbelievable that they would compound their PR problems by appearing to look like a bunch of grave robbers! But perhaps it is ironic that they might have to eventually sell the church land for parking lots which of course is exactly where they found Richard III.

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

grey skulls piled on ground
Photo by Renato Danyi on Pexels.com