Quid pro quo

A favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something. Quite sure over the years that the USA expected some sort of quid pro quo in exchange for money or military arms! Why would we give something to a foreign government and not expect something in return! So the real question here is what is an acceptable Quid pro quo? For sure many favors we asked for over the years were designed to help the party in power! The specific issue then is it acceptable for one political candidate to use quid pro quo to go after a political opponent. Doesn’t pass my smell test!

But the larger concern here is that the Ukraine episode could taint the future of using all Quid’s. Denny Presidential candidate McGovern railed against America getting involved with a Civil War (Vietnam) during the campaign of 1972. Can’t help but believe that this influenced Demmy President Clinton’s willingness to get involved with the Rwandan Civil War that would lead to the genocide of over 1 million people! It should not become all bad or all good and generally speaking we should be open to any and all exceptions that prove the rule!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!