When Nitro meets Glycerine

Otherwise known as nuts with guns or just plain Gun Nuts! As America continues its economic decline coupled with an increased redistribution of wealth, we should expect to see an increase in these kinds of tragic events. Moving forward gun control becomes even more imperative but with a zillion guns out there extremely difficult to accomplish!

While El Paso is a symptom of America’s decline, the Hong Kong riots are a symptom of mainland China’s rise. The root cause of this is again the rise in east and the decline of the west. Therefore when you look at future events from this strategic perspective you will gain a better understanding of what is driving the tactical politics in both places!

As the world continues this economic transition the west will become increasingly unstable politically which if we are not smart and careful will produce some very unfortunate results for America and/or the west or even perhaps globally.

And that is all i’m going to say about that!