Kissinger to Kushner

American credibility with the Palestinians has never been great! Perhaps the Europeans could have made for a more honest broker with the Palestinians had it not been for their direct hand in the Holocaust.

The Israeli’s have none a great job of neutralizing any potential role the EU and the Vatican may have played there. Having seceded both Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to Israel, expect at least portions of the West Bank to be given up as well. Saber rattling at Israel’s number one enemy Iran is all part of this new Middle East peace plan!

We will attempt to throw a lot of cash at the Palestinians along with a demand for a one State solution. Trump will expect a lot of cash and votes from AIPAC members in return. Will this be enough to over come the one million plus newly minted ex felon voters in Florida for Trump? Stay tuned!

And that is all I have to say about that!