Hillary to?

The left was never thrilled about the Clintons in general but more specifically not with Hillary’s political miscalculation regarding the Iraq #2 war. For these reasons the left and their mainstream media allies went all out to break the black ceiling instead.

While the left loved Bernie the mainstream media understood that Clinton had the nomination locked up compliments of the Super Delegates. Every Bernie win was followed by a media reminder of Hillary’s super delegate majority. The left held its nose but understood that here was the chance to break the female ceiling. Not to be!

Unfortunately Clinton had way too much political baggage and in the end was no kind of retail political candidate. This time around the left and their mainstream media allies are beginning to move to either Elizabeth Warren’s or Kamala Harris’s direction and unless they do something very stupid likely the next President and VP nominees of the party! Will it be a Warren Harris or a Harris Warren ticket? Will see…

And that is all I have to say about that!