Otherwise known as the right war so Barack said. Unfortunately, Don Rumsfeld was correct in that there were so many competing warlords getting involved there would just end up becoming another huge can of worms. Frankly I understood this, when Karzi became the Afgan President and he had to use American soldiers for own personal protection. Really? You don’t even trust your own people to protect you? Not good…

We started this war correctly in that we armed the hell out of the Northern Alliance and they then kicked the crap out of the Taliban. We should have declared a win after we killed Osama bin Laden and left but because it was the right war we stayed. Really dumb, a no win exit strategy.

We are now going to sign a peace treaty with the Taliban and guess what they are going to take a page from our exit in Vietnam and move right back into control! Trump of course will be declaring a victory either way!     

And that’s all I have to say about that!