The Prohibition of Booze would begin as a very transparent political process with the Woman’s Temperance League calling for a ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol.
Unfortunately for the ladies, America was a country of beer swilling Germans, whiskey sipping Irishmen and wine slurping Italians and there was no way they were going to give up their favorite pastime!
So the anti-liquor wolves strapped on their sheep’s clothing and became a less transparent political process by morphing into the anti-saloon league. In other words we’re not going to take all of your booze away only your saloon. That worked wonders for the ladies who would then take off their sheep’s clothing and close not only the saloons but all of America’s breweries, wineries and distillers as well.
This social engineering effort would not only end as an abject failure but created long term organized crime problems for the US. The most important lesson from all of this is that while a political process may start as a completely transparent process they don’t always end that way! In the increasingly partisan environment we live in you should expect to see more of this!