an·nus hor·ri·bi·lis again

So Princess Di dates her husband for a couple of weeks and then is shocked to learn that there were 3 of them in the marriage! Apparently the princess’ eating disorder were driven by the bonnie prince’s adultery but should Di really have expected this to be a real love match? Di was described as a wonderful mother but just how high a bar was established by Granny?

Does look like Harry is going down the same road as his Great-great Uncle Edward. The fact is that if I grew up in the Markle household I’d be thinking of jumping off the London Bridge also! When my daughter was about to give birth to our bi-racial grandson we did discuss whether he would look like his mother or father. After his birth her OB told her that he would “darken up”.  Hard to see how Charlie makes it to the throne after Di and Meg but when it comes to British Royalty people are just plain crazy!  

And that is all I’m going to say about that!

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