Cold 💜 vs Bleeding ❤️

So one extreme is that you only care about yourself while the other extreme is that you only care about others. The former tends to hoard their wealth while the later tends to give it all away. However if you can’t police the world then you don’t control it either and that forces you to make some very difficult decision which neither extreme wants to make.

150 Nations have agreed to share the vaccine among them, which means in theory that all of their economies will return to normal at the same time! Neither China nor the USA have signed on to this agreement to the dismay of their countries bleeding hearts. The cold hearted in those countries understand that the first country that is back up and running again will have an economic advantage of the other one! This may not pass the left’s smell test but the bleeding hearts in the USA need to explain why our kids and grandkids are better off living under the Chinese thumb sooner as opposed to latter!

And that is all I’m going to say about that!      

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